GORILLAS.BAS, RaspberryPI, and HTML5

It's that time again! We've been grinding away at the next release, and here we are with a fresh build, just for you!

The most notable changes:

  • Experimental HTML5 support! You can now package games to play right in a web browser! Like this!
  • Added dragonruby-httpd, so you can feed your HTML5 game to your web browser without a whole big webserver.
  • Raspberry Pi support! You can not only ship games that run on a Pi, you can develop and publish games there, too!

  • Better mouse input! Better controller input! Better keyboard input!
  • Fixed dragonruby-publish.exe failing with a "tried to modify a file the OS needs" error messageon Windows.
  • Added puppies and zombies sample app to demonstrate mouse usage.
  • Tons of improvements to Flappy Dragon.
  • Added Basic Gorillas example, like the oldschool Qbasic GORILLAS.BAS, but better!
  • Moved samples apps around and gave them names to help explain the order you should explore them.
  • Mouse and keyboard focus can be discovered by games now.
  • Games can request a screenshot be taken of the current frame.
  • Each sample directory now has a shell script/batch file for launching it directly.
  • Added a way to calculate the bounding box of a string.
  • Added a way to rotate sprites on a point other than its center.
  • Added a way to flip sprites vertically or horizontally (or both!).
  • Other bugfixes and improvements, as these sort of things go.

We are continuing to add features as fast as possible, and we love your feedback because it tells us what to add first. Feel free to drop us a line on the community forum or the Slack channel or even just ping Ryan or Amir on Twitter, and pour your hearts out to us.



dragonruby-gtk-macos.zip 85 MB
Version 9 May 16, 2019
dragonruby-gtk-linux-amd64.zip 82 MB
Version 9 May 16, 2019
dragonruby-gtk-linux-raspberrypi.zip 82 MB
Version 1 May 16, 2019
dragonruby-gtk-windows-amd64.zip 82 MB
Version 9 May 16, 2019

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Amazing work guys! Keep the updates coming!