DragonRuby + Steam Deck

DragonRuby Game Toolkit just released version 3.24. This marks the last major release of this year (large changes during the holiday season are usually a bad idea when it comes to game engines).

A ton of fantastic features have been added to DragonRuby over the past 11 months. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Z-depth buffering for VR games, VR emulator for your desktop, and significant improvements to headset/controller data (such as position and orientation). Pro License Tier.
  • HD mode 4K rendering support with “it just works” Texture Atlases, Portrait and Landscape orientations, and All Screen Mode (so you can build games for ultra-wide screens). Pro License Tier.
  • A ton of performance improvements. We were already fast before, this just adds even more icing to the cake. All License Tiers.
  • Even more sample apps added. Covering topics such as physics, perspective 3D, camera effects, and advanced sprite animations. Available at all license tiers.
  • And last but certainly not least, DragonRuby has added a development workflow for the Steam Deck that no game engine can even begin to compete with (available now at all license tiers).

Steam Deck Remote Hotload

Since day one, DragonRuby allowed you to build your game while it’s running (changes are reflected the moment you save a code file). And now your changes will also be reflected at the same time, on your Steam Deck, sent live over the network.

Here is a demo of Remote Hotload in action:

Get the latest version of DragonRuby from your Itch Library and take advantage of this extremely productive testing workflow. This machinery will only improve, we’re just getting started :-)


dragonruby-gtk-macos.zip 110 MB
Version 126 Nov 12, 2022
dragonruby-gtk-linux-amd64.zip 108 MB
Version 126 Nov 12, 2022
dragonruby-gtk-linux-raspberrypi.zip 108 MB
Version 118 Nov 12, 2022
dragonruby-gtk-windows-amd64.zip 108 MB
Version 126 Nov 12, 2022

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Super slick! Excited to give a go.