Oculus Quest and DragonRuby

Dragon Riders,

We’ve been secretly working on a new capability of the game engine, and finally are to a point where we can share what we’ve done. DragonRuby Game Toolkit will receive VR capabilities.

Here is a recording of Flappy Dragon in VR

Try VR Out For Free

We’ve uploaded a version of Flappy Dragon that you can load onto your Oculus Quest:

  1. Install SideQuest.
  2. Download Flappy Dragon (the Oculus version).
  3. Start SideQuest, and click the toolbar icon with the tooltip: “Install APK file from folder on computer”.
  4. Select the Flappy Dragon APK and SideQuest will install it on your Oculus. If your headset is connected to your local network, you can edit the game code and hotload the environment by pointing your computer’s browser to the following url:

If you hit any snags, ask for help on the DragonRuby Discord Server (#vr channel).

Early Access Discount

We are giving a heads up to all Standard License holders before next week’s official launch: we will be raising the price of the Pro License when the new VR binaries drop. This really is the last chance to lock in the discounted subscription price.

You can purchase the discounted Pro License here (all existing license holders will be grandfathered in with the current purchase price and will never see a price increase).

Get DragonRuby Game Toolkit

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