DragonRuby Game Toolkit 3.0 GM Released

DragonRuby Game Toolkit 3.0 GM (Golden Master) has been released. We are one step away from 3.0 going RTM (Release to Market). The GM release includes a couple of new sample apps, mouse wheel fixes (for real this time… hopefully), and rendering fixes for labels.

The Pro version includes a number of bugfixes related to Android + Http.

Last but not least, we are in the final phases of completing a new Pro feature: DragonRuby Replay.

DragonRuby Replay (Pro Feature)

Here is a YouTube video Ryan put together that shows DragonRuby Replay in action:

This feature will ship as a new executable, allowing you to record a replay of your game. Once the gameplay has been recorded, a data file will be generated which can be converted to an MP4 (we include a trimmed down version of ffmpeg so you don’t have to download any external dependencies to generate the MP4).

Having a zero dependency/self-contained encoding process is nice and all, but there’s a unique aspect of this replay format:

You can take this generated replay file, the dragonruby-replay executable, and only your assets folder (excluding any code files).

Zip it up, and send just that subset of your game to an artist.

The artist can change assets, and run the replay. The new assets will be rendered instead.

Having a data format that serializes what was rendered to the screen is a big deal. It will allow us to do some really interesting things in the future.

Note: When this replay capability ships, we will be raising the price of the Pro license (last chance to lock in the discounted price).


dragonruby-gtk-macos.zip 110 MB
Version 96 Oct 24, 2021
dragonruby-gtk-linux-amd64.zip 108 MB
Version 96 Oct 24, 2021
dragonruby-gtk-linux-raspberrypi.zip 108 MB
Version 88 Oct 24, 2021
dragonruby-gtk-windows-amd64.zip 108 MB
Version 96 Oct 24, 2021

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This software has gotten me into coding with Ruby! I'm amazed at it's flexibilty!