Beta released for DragonRuby Game Toolkit 3.0

Dragon Riders,

We’ve just released a beta of the next version of DragonRuby Game Toolkit. This version has incorporated language features new to mRuby 3.0. We’ve also made some significant leaps in performance too. You could end up seeing a 30% boost in many areas.

Please give the beta a shot and let us know of any issues you hit. The best way to get to us would be on our Discord Server.

Here’s a YouTube video showing a before and after. We experiment with rendering 5,000 sprites, and then increase it all the way up to 80,0000. Our sprite limits were already way higher than Unity, but the beta significantly increases that gap.


The beta for the Pro License will release after things have settled down. We are coming very close to increasing the price of the pro subscription. So if you’re on the fence about it, now’s the time to lock in the discounted price (all existing license holders will be grandfathered in, and will never see a price increase so long as the subscription remains active).

Pro features include C Extensions, bytecode compilation, sound synthesis, pixel arrays, the ability to spin up an embedded web server, and mobile deployment.

Happy coding everyone!

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Congrats for this BETA release!

About the stars benchmark, there is a typo line 9 :

The "tiny-star.png" is in the "misc" sub-folder.

@path = 'sprites/misc/tiny-star.png'