Flappy Dragon 5/16/2019!

This build has a bunch of improvements from the new release of the DragonRuby Game Toolkit, a Raspberry Pi build, and an HTML5 build to play in-browser!

We've also made the game friendly to non-keyboard users: game controllers and mice that click and fingers that tap can now navigate the game as well.



flappydragon-linux-amd64.bin 5 MB
Version 4 May 16, 2019
flappydragon-linux-raspberrypi.bin 5 MB
Version 1 May 16, 2019
flappydragon-macos.zip 4 MB
Version 4 May 16, 2019
flappydragon-windows-amd64.exe 6 MB
Version 4 May 16, 2019

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